Family Reunion:

The family reunion provisions allow your spouse or partner and children under the age of 18, who formed part of the family unit before you fled your country to be reunited with you if you have been granted refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK.

Family reunion applications should ordinarily be made from outside the UK. However, the Immigration Rules also allow for in-country applications.

We understand that Family Reunion applications can be complex and using the services of an immigration expert are highly recommended. We pride ourselves on being approachable and proactive in understanding and meeting our clients’ needs. You will need to ensure that you meet all of the mandatory requirements before you apply. You will need to complete the relevant forms, may need to attend interviews and collate your evidence for submission. This will need to be extensive and prove your claim.

What are the requirements for a family reunion application:

  • You hold a valid refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK and are able to evidence that
  • Your partner/spouse/children are able to provide proof of identity
  • You are able to prove your relationship existed and formed part of family unit with your partner/spouse/children before you fled your former country of habitual residence to claim asylum in the UK

What are the common reasons for refusal of family reunion application:

  • Exclusion
  • Non-conducive
  • Criminality
  • Exclusion from asylum or humanitarian protection
  • Involvement in a sham marriage
  • False representation and deception
  • Previous breach of immigration laws
  • Failure to provide information

What visa will be granted of your family reunion application is granted:

Applications for family reunion that meet the relevant requirements of the Immigration Rules will be granted leave in line with the sponsor, but they will not be granted refugee status.

What if your family reunion application is refused:

If you do not meet the requirements of the Rules, and there are no exceptional or compassionate circumstances, the application will be refused.

You will have a right of appeal against the decision.

At Aaryan Solicitors, team of our immigration law specialists’ can advise you on the merits of making a fresh application and/or challenging the decision by way of an appeal to the Immigration Tribunal.

Why Choose Aaryan Solicitors?

Expert Immigration team: Aaryan Solicitors has a team of expert UK immigration and family visa solicitors who can provide you legal advice and assistance with your UK leave to remain application under family reunion. Headed by partner Vikramjit Singh, an acknowledged immigration law specialist and champion of those whose status here is challenged, we have a track record of successfully pushing through applications efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us for case assessment, eligibility requirements and supporting documents.

Competitive Prices: We offer a competitive price service without compromising on our service. Our reputation outshines other, larger immigration law ​firms in London and across the country.

Flexible payment options: We understand that immigration complications often arise without notice which could become difficult in present economic climate therefore we provide flexible payment options. You may pay the agreed fees in instalments each month benefiting your needs, which will be agreed in advance.

Excellent Success Rate: : Every application we prepare is tailor-made and thoroughly researched. As a result, our success rate is high. We pride in our highest standard of service as a result of which most of our clients return to us for their other legal matters.

Out of office hour unique service: We provide clients focused service keeping in consideration busy working lifestyle therefore out of office telephone and/or in person appointments are available, subject to prior bookings, from 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm weekdays, and on weekends and bank holidays.

To apply for a family reunion application, get in touch with Aaryan Solicitors for professional, no-obligation advice.







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