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End-of-life planning is a topic which is hard to address and easy to put off. Many people find it challenging to make a Will or think about making a Will as it can raise some difficult issues and questions

Do you need a Will?

It is always sensible to have a professionally drafted Will. Not only can you be confident that your estate will pass according to your wishes and instructions, but you will be guided in thinking about your assets and family circumstances to ensure that all matters are appropriately dealt with. It is critical to take expert advice to ensure your wealth is properly managed and drawing up a Will is essential if you want to ensure that your assets will be dealt with the way you want.

Benefits of making a professionally drafted Will

There are many benefits to making a Will. These include:

  • You do not die intestate
  • Giving you control by ensuring that your assets pass to those you intended
  • Ensuring that the people who matter most to you are looked after if you die
  • Ensuring you have appointed executors to administer your estate
  • Help you maximise your estate by using tax planning and tax reliefs
  • Ensuring your funeral wishes and appointing guardians if you have young children ar fulfilled
  • Allowing you to make gifts to particular people or charities/organisations that are important to you
  • Reducing risk of disputes between family members or beneficiaries after you are gone

Tax & Estate planning:

At the same time, appropriate tax planning may significantly reduce your inheritance tax liability and will protect your hard-earned money a good value to your beneficiaries.

Why Choose Aaryan Solicitors?

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