Wills, trusts and probate legal services and costs

For Trusts and probate matters, we routinely offer a non-fixed fee option to our clients.

Our engagement letter/client care letter should confirm your fee structure and associated terms and conditions.

Free Initial Telephone Discussion & Quote

Phone us on 020 8004 5806 to discuss the details of your case, the options available to you and how our legal team can assist. We can also discuss fees based on your individual circumstances and give you a fee quotation.

One off Legal Consultation

We provide tailor made service to each individual need. We provide initial consultation either via face to face or online, for a nominal cost of £50.00. At that meeting, we usually assess the merits of your case, and provide verbally guide you on the likely steps and take client instructions.

How do we calculate our basic charges

These are calculated for each hour engaged on your matter. Routine letters and telephone calls will be charged as units of one tenth of an hour. Other letters and telephone calls will be charged on a time basis.

The hourly rates, excluding VAT, are: Solicitors and legal executives with over 8 years’ experience after qualification (“PQE”): £217.00 per hour. Solicitors with at least 4 years PQE: £192.00 per hour. Other solicitors or legal executives and fee earners of equivalent experience: £161.00 per hour. Trainee solicitors, paralegals and other fee earners: £118.00 per hour and support Staff: £50.00 per hour.

Unless we have agreed a fixed fee with you in writing, we will charge on a time basis, this is based on hourly fees of between £50 and £217 depending on the seniority and experience of the solicitor/fee earner involved and the complexity, urgency and importance of the work, in which case the estimate will be based on a specified number of hours of work and, where appropriate. Our charges include advising you, attending to you, dealing with documents, correspondence etc.

Making a Will £250.00-£750.00 depending on complexity
Lasting Power of Attorney

 A single Property and Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney

 A pair of similar Property and Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney documents

 A pair of similar Property and Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney documents PLUS a pair of similar Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney documents






Enduring Power of Attorney £750.00
Probate: Grant of Representation application only service

Cost effective way to obtain a Grant of Probate for a simple estate.

Using this service, Aaryan Solicitors will draft a Grant of Probate (or Grant of Letters of Administration) using information provided by the family. It is only available where no inheritance tax is due.

The family will be responsible for dealing with the estate once the Grant has been received.

This will require estimated work between 5-10 hours




On this basis, we would estimate total legal fees of between £1,085-£2,170

Grant of Representation application and estate administration – no inheritance tax payable and full HMRC account not required

Where a simplified estate form (IHT205) is submitted

We anticipate that a matter such as the above would take on average between 15 and 30 hours work.



On this basis, we would estimate total legal fees of between £3,255 and £6,510

Grant of Representation application and estate administration – full HMRC account required

Where a full estate form (IHT400) is submitted

We anticipate that a matter such as the above would take on average between 20 and 40 hours work.

On this basis, we would estimate total legal fees of between £4,340 to £8,680

 Important to Remember

Sometimes there are factors which will make your case more complex and more time will have to be spent on your case. This will increase the costs of your case. Some common factors may include but are not limited to:

  • If there is no Will, (which can also cause delay as there will be a need to search for a valid Will and to identify the Administrators entitled to deal with the estate)
  • If the estate consists of any shareholdings (stocks, shares and bonds), as there is likely to be a need to obtain share valuations and effect the transfer or sale; the additional costs could range significantly depending on the estate and how it is to be dealt with
  • If the estate involves any digital assets or other assets where there may be issues with obtaining passwords or otherwise accessing the relevant information
  • Dealing with the sale or transfer of any land or property in the estate (which is not included in the estimated ranges above)
  • If HMRC raises an enquiry into the Inheritance Tax Return (which will also delay the administration of the estate)
  • If any disputes arise (such as a dispute between executors or beneficiaries)
  • If a Caveat is entered at the Probate Registry which will require removal
  • If the estate includes missing beneficiaries (which can also cause delay to the administration of the estate)
  • If the estate includes historic or dormant assets which involves establishing the validity of the assets and dealing with the collection and distribution of these assets
  • If there is missing documentation (share certificates, insurance policies, marriage/birth certificates etc)
  • If there are any business assets which need to be taken into account then valuing, reporting and dealing with any division of assets may be necessary
  • If there were any lifetime gifts made in excess of the annual allowances, then the details of the gifts will need to be established and reported on the Inheritance Tax forms
  • If the deceased had any interests in a trust
  • Claiming reliefs and exemptions from Inheritance Tax
  • Establishing and claiming the transferable nil rate band
  • Establishing and claiming the residence nil rate band and transferable residence nil rate band (especially if downsizing of the property has occurred)

If your case becomes unexpectedly more complex than had been anticipated, we will advise you and provide an updated cost estimate.

Our fees do not include disbursements which are usually as follows:

Application for a grant of probate for estates in excess of £5,000 net £155.00
Duplicate/second grant for same deceased person £20
Grant for an estate exempt from inheritance tax £10
Application for a standing search £3
Inspection of Will or other document retained by the registry £20
Bankruptcy-only Land Charges Department searches £2 per beneficiary
Place a deceased estate notice in the London Gazette £119.04 (exc VAT)
Newspaper placement for deceased estates (web form and template only) via the London Gazette £258.00 (inc VAT)
Post in a local newspaper £90 to £250 (Inc VAT)
Certainty Will search £114 (inc VAT)
Valuation fees for valuing property and other assets Varies
Official sealed copies of the grant, sealed and certified copies, electronic copies and any additional copies, including Will and grant (for each copy) £1.50
For each deponent to each affidavit £11
For marking each exhibit £2
Settling documents (for each document to be settled) £4


 If you would like to discuss your matter with one of our Wills, Trust and Probate solicitors, then call 020 8004 5806 and one of our lawyers will be happy to discuss the circumstances of your particular matter.

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